League results

THE silver ballroom fall league '16


A Division: 1st-Carter Crews, 2nd-Ian Taylor, 3rd-Steve "Doc" Dachroeden

B Division: 1st-Mike Radake, 2nd-Kendell Holder, 3rd-Eddie Dixon

C Division: 1st-Andrew Zaat, 2nd-Jon Fann, 3rd-Andy Gosney

D Division: 1st-Tyler Harris, 2nd-C. T. Wehling, 3rd-Becki Struckhoff

E Division: 1st-Dan Kempen, 2nd-Rich Cliver, 3rd-Jeff Lehman

The Silver Ballroom Summer League '16


A Division: 1st-Carter Crews, 2nd-Steve Rolsing, 3rd-Gary Rader

B Division: 1st-Dave Smith, 2nd-Jason Allen, 3rd-Tim OLeary

C Division: 1st-Steve Rubie, 2nd-Richard Kennison, 3rd-Tim Lemiuex

D Division: 1st-Val Rader, 2nd-Lexie Korba, 3rd-Mike Radake

E Division: 1st-Rhonda Dunham, 2nd-Rich Cliver, 3rd-Julian Barnes


The silver ballroom spring league '16


A Division: 1st-Steve Fredericks, 2nd-Ian Taylor, 3rd-Carter Crews

B Division: 1st-Jason Wilson, 2nd-Bill Friese, 3rd-Dave Smith

C Division: 1st-Dominck Dufner, 2nd-Shelly Dachroeden, 3rd-Alec Gleason

D Division: 1st-Becki Struckhoff, 2nd-Andy Gosney, 3rd-Tim Lemieux

E Division: 1st-Billy Zesch, 2nd-Rich Cliver, 3rd-Peggy Storts


The Silver Ballroom Winter League '16


A Division: 1st-Gary Rader, 2nd-Kendell Holder, 3rd-Adam Price

B Division: 1st-Steve "Doc" Dachroeden, 2nd-Steve Fredericks, 3rd-Phillip Arnold

C Division: 1st-Jared Gleason, 2nd-Alec Gleason, 3rd-Nick Sailor

D Division: 1st-Dominick Dufner, 2nd-Valerie Rader, 3rd-Tim Lemieux

E Division: 1st-Lizzy Close, 2nd-Brandon Garnder, 3rd-Lexie Korba